Who We Are

Christ’s Church Ministries is a cross-denominational Church movement dedicated to pursuing the early church doctrines and practices that grew in a hostile environment and changed the empire with the awe and reverence of God. It was this combination of Hebraic roots along with the grace of the Holy Spirit that empowered the early church to change entire cultures with the love, reverence and power of Almighty God.

Rt. Rev. Dale R. Anderson, B.A., M.Div., D.D. Christ’s Church Ministries’ Founder and President; Lutheran Orthodox Church, Archbishop, Dioceses of Pittsburgh. Board Certified Clinical Chaplain by CSPS, IACC, and The Association of Certified Christian Chaplains. UPMC Presbyterian Hospital chaplain and UPMC and Allegheny County CISM response teams. IIFBC Board Certified Faith Based Counselor. Director of Gateway Healing Rooms and Healing On The Streets(HOTS) . Inspired by Martin Luther’s boldness to reform the church, the hope for Christ’s Church Ministries is to recapture the same fervency of the
Spirit in rediscovering the authenticity and vitality of the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith.


Rev. Bryan Werner, BS, MS. Christ’s Church Ministries’ Chaplain at Large, Associate Director of Gateway Healing Rooms, pastor of GriefShare, Financial Peace Ministries, and street ministry. 50 years experience in Spirit led pastoral ministry, uniquely experienced in healthcare ministry with grief and bereavement. Lifelong in-depth student of scripture and the guiding of the Holy Spirit. Passionate about leading the lost to a sincere conversion of their hearts and minds to Jesus Christ/Yeshua. A heart for protecting unborn children and ministering to post abortive women. Retired from an engineering and management career with Westinghouse.


Rev. Debra Anderson, A.S. Christ’s Church Ministries’ Treasurer, Head of Administrative Services. Sabbath service shofarist and worship leader of Spirit-lead prayer, music, and Hebraic dance. Experienced in corporate administration, children’s ministry and early child development, recovery ministry, adult bible study, women’s ministry, and owner/director of a Christian day-care center. Christ’s Church Ministries’ ministry director for administration and worship development based on years of Biblical study and personal experience. Passionate about God’s word and sensitive to His Spirit with a heart to build the Kingdom of God and minister healing in body, mind and spirit.



Christ’s Church Ministries is praying that the Holy Spirit directs all growth and that men, women and couples are called to become leaders in this movement of God.



Christ’s Church Ministries…

1.Is dedicated to reestablishing the early church doctrines and disciplines revealed in the Hebraic understanding of the Word and by the Holy Spirit.

2. Acknowledges the Lordship of Christ and our responsibilities within God’s Eternal Kingdom, the doctrines of the church, and the disciplines of the individual.

3. Believes authentic Christianity is lived out in 24/7 worship devoted to Jesus Christ.


Christ’s Church Ministries
453 Davidson Road,
Plum, 15239

Phone: 412-377-2940
Email: christschurchministries@gmail.com

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